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Spectacular Abandoned Theatres and Cinemas of the Northeastern United States

Any venue designed for the entertainment of hundreds, or even thousands, of people in a single viewing is bound feel rather spooky once the crowds have despersed. Disused theatres and movie palaces are among the most mysterious abandoned buildings, and thanks to the advent of television and multiplexes, they exist in abundance. While their faded elegance makes for a melancholy scene, their vibrant colours and peeling grandeur offer a spectacular subject for photographers like Matt Lambros who captured these stunning images.

Abandoned architecture has fascinated me since I was five years old. My grandmother used to take my brother and I in to investigate any old barn she happened to drive past. She was curious about what was left behind, and her inquisitive nature made a lasting impression on me.I grew up in Dutchess County, New York, and like most places there were quite a few supposedly “haunted” buildings begging for a closer look. Hudson River State hospital, one of the first places I went to on my own, was one of them. My friends and I used to drive around the campus late at night trying to scare each other. It was then that my interest in abandoned buildings evolved into a vehicle for artistic expression.

I’ve spent ten years composing photographic obituaries for once-thriving buildings that are now crumbled and forgotten. My hope for my work is that it will shine light on beautiful, dated architecture and on the equal yet sinister beauty in decay.

Matt Lambros

This place looks incredible!

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Thousands of flowers installed in an abandoned mental asylum

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I don’t have friends.


I don’t have friends.

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Is there any sound more perfect than this? 

City and Colour, Adele, Royal Albert Hall.

So lucky to have been there to witness this. 

I was there for this. Spur of the moment type of gig; got a phone call from a very good friend of mine saying she had 2 spare tickets two days before.  This was one of the most incredible gigs Ive been to in my life.  Best part was when Dallas asked everyone to put down their phones and cameras and not be connected to the internet or taking photos for just one song, body in a box, just be enjoying the moment and the music.  He is an incredible man.

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This man could not speak more truth

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Hiding in a my cosy room after spending 9 hours straight drawing one of my final pieces.

Hiding in a my cosy room after spending 9 hours straight drawing one of my final pieces.

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